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MORE | Management of Real-time Energy Data - Deliverable D5.1 Use Cases and Requirements

Deliverable 5.1 is a baseline document for the MORE project, outlining generic user requirements as well as specific use cases. The later will be used for compliance testing of the architecture and for the subsequent verification and performance estimation of the MORE system. The use cases were selected to be both representative of actual needs (with commercial exploitability), as well as challenging in terms of the MORE system KPIs. Overall, six use cases are described, equally spanning wind and solar RES applications.

The selected use cases address a range of high-level system requirements, from “real time” feedback from the cloud to the edge, to application of complex analytics over vast amount of timeseries data, to support costly maintenance decisions. Some use cases call for improvements in existing processes, whereas the rest introduce novel capabilities for future RES plants. Thus, by validating the feasibility and performance of the implementation of the use cases, we expect to demonstrate the gains from the introduction of MORE system to existing processes, as well as the adaptability of the MORE platform to support future functionalities in the RES production plants.

30 Apr 2021